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Coeur d'Alene Little League is run by an all volunteer staff. The League needs people to help out with the various volunteer positions. Without your help, we cannot provide the best experience for your children. CDALL Board Members serve hundreds of hours in support of the league. Most of these positions are one time or short time duty and if you don't step up, it may not get done.

Volunteers are CRUCIAL to the operation of Coeur d’Alene Little League. We invite everyone to lend a hand, as there are a range of ways you can help the league.

The Volunteer application (Background Check) is required for anyone who wishes to manage, coach, umpire, team mom, work in the Snack Shack or be on the Board of Directors.

Below is a list of the Volunteer Duties that need to be fulfilled throughout the season. 

Team Manager/Coach- We are always in need of dedicated Team Managers and coaches who want to make a positive impact on our kids. The Team manager and coach must be leaders. All must recognize that they hold a position of trust and responsibility in a program that deals with a sensitive and formative period of a child’s development. It is required that the manager and coach have understanding, patience and the capacity to work with children. The manager and coach should be able to inspire respect. Above all else, managers and coaches must realize that they are helping to shape the physical, mental and emotional development of young people. The manager/coach and player share a common interest in the game, a desire to excel, and determination to win. Children often idolize their managers and coaches, not because the adult is the most successful coach or mentor, but because the manager and coach are sources of inspiration.

Team Mom-This Volunteer position is very important and also very rewarding. Having a Team Mom doing all the behind-the-scenes work allows the Team Manager and coach(s) to focus on coaching. The Team Mom is responsible for collecting money from parents for Fundraising, Team Coach Gifts and any other extra financial things for their individual team. They are the "go to" person for all team activities, schedule and fundraising questions. The Team Mom should remain as informative as possible and advise with the Team Mom Manager (Tina Franklin) should they have any questions. 

Snack Shack Help-This will be expected of the team playing "Away" on Field 1. Team Mom will be in charge of fulfilling two positions for each Away game played at Field 1. She will be given the sign up sheet at the beginning of the season and will need the parents to step up to fulfill the scheduled spots for your team. Those who sign up to work the Snack Shack are expected to be in the Snack Shack 15 minutes prior to game time. Your game will NOT start until the Volunteers have shown up and are in the Snack Shack to work. 

Field Maintenance-Before and after each game the fields need to be groomed. As a part of the field maintenance crew, your skills and abilities may be used to mow grass, line fields, rake dirt, and execute minor repairs on fences, benches and bleachers. Parents who volunteer for this position need to have experience in grooming fields and the help is greatly appreciated.

Scorekeepers- AA, AAA and Majors will need someone keeping score in an official score book. Parents who volunteer for this position need to have experience in keeping score keeping. 

Scoreboard- For all games on Field 1 and 2 there will need to be someone to work the scoreboard in the outfield. You will be given the electronic remote and expected to update the score, outs, strikes, balls and innings throughout the course of the game. Working with the scorekeeper would be the best practice for this duty. 

Announcing- This is mostly only done on Field 1. There will need to be one announcer to announce all the players numbers names at the plate as they come up to bat. There will be a table and microphone provided to the announcer that should be setup by the Team Manager and coaches on the Home side. 

Umpire- For most games there will not be a District Umpire available to Ump the games. A parent on the Home sides Team Manager will be expected to provide a volunteer umpire to fulfill that position. This should be someone with the basic knowledge of the game and rules. See Also the "Volunteer Umpire" in the "Manager/Coach" section of our website for more information.

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